Daniela Tarinová (Vachálková)

My study:
Secondary Art-Artificial School in Bratislava Department: Advertising Graphic

Fine Art University in Bratislava (1982-1986)
Department: Ilustratory Graphic

- headed by Academic Painters:
Albín Brunovský and Igor Rumanský

Since my studies I have ilustrated
(majority by pen-and-ink drawing technique) stories of Slovak, Czech and Foreign authors in "Slovenka" magazine.

Music Publisher "Opus" published anthology: European Guitar Music.
I made fine art cover on it.

I'm Winner of Fine Arts Universities Exhibition with graphic:
"Honey-Moon" (mesotinta technique).

Themes of my pictures are romantic-fairy-tales tuned, especially only in two-three colours.
I like dramatic contrast of light and darkness meeting, so I put it into the space.

I try to create balanced composition of colours, shapes and lights.

By my pictures I admire creation.
I want to show the fascinating beauty of apparent plain things around us, such as:
bird fly, flower, tree, woman, with stylistic flower...

I can see the opportunity to express the better human characters and emotions like: virtue, confidence, desire, mildness, tenderness... in portraits.

Beauty of historic cities architecture also belongs to my favourite themes.

In these days I use oil, distemper, dry pastel and their combinations for painting. As a foundation I use imitation of Leather, cardboard, or linen and I create structures on them. Pictures i use to combinate with creative arranged frames

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